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Clinical Hypnotherapy is not a stage act…… 

……….it is a safe, gentle treatment that can address a wide range of problems by simply re-focusing our mind as to how we see and deal with them and can be useful during Cancer Symptom Support.

To achieve this the client is relaxed into a comfortable state similar to almost falling asleep and remains in total control of all proceedings throughout. This is achieved by no more than gentle music and kind words ( no swinging pendulums to be seen )

In this super relaxed state we can see our problems with more detached clarity and we can by addressing your subconscious mind suggest ways that we can change your behaviour to achieve something better.

Many of the anxiety problems you are currently experiencing may have been generated by criticisms or events in your past and these can be compounded in the difficult emotional circumstances brought on by caring for a loved one or being the patient suffering from Cancer. However these triggers can be explored and given new meanings to relieve the anxiety they produce.

This therapy is ideal for those wishing to be free from anxiety and stress however caused and is often used by those who would like to stop smoking, lack of confidence, over eating or phobias.

“If you do nothing about your problem then nothing will ever change

We recommend that you contact us first for an initial chat by phone or email to discuss your concerns and the suitability of Hypnotherapy to overcome them. Generally 2 or 3 one hour sessions are required to make the long lasting changes you desire and see a realistic prospect of achieving your future goals. CONTACT US