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Opening Hours

Mon & Wed by appointment

Complementary Therapies

Treatments may be a simple gentle soothing massage to feet, hands or head or perhaps something more extensive to suit each individual and their circumstances. Respect for dignity is assured

Relatives and carers are just as important and we are pleased to include everyone.

A wide range of treatments are available and are especially beneficial to those who may be immobile, including motor neuron disease sufferers, for muscle and joint relief due to inactivity. Please see Hydrotherm Massage

We provide a truly holistic approach attending to mind, body and spirit using a variety of methods with particular respect and regard for privacy.

Your experience is likely to be very different from Spa treatments with our unique blend of music and gentle touch technique.

Please click on the links for a full explanation of our treatments


Full Body Hot Stones Indian Head Hydrotherm Butterfly

Other Treatments

Aromatherapy Reflexology Hypnotherapy Acupressure

Reiki – Usui and Karuna Master

Special Treatments

Amethyst Massage for Cancer  Patients Meditation   Stress Reduction

Anxiety, stress and sleep problems are common experiences and we can dramatically help reduce these effects by simple soothing and lasting techniques


Please contact us by phone or email to discuss your situation in confidence